terra nostra organic



We have nine flavors in our 3.5 ounce or 100 gram bars: 73 % Intense Dark, Double Dark Truffle, Satin Milk Truffle, Robust Dark & Roasted Almonds, Robust Dark Raisins & Pecans and Creamy Milk Raisins & Pecans.

We also have our new Ricemilk line for those who are vegan or lactose sensitive. The Ricemilk line includes three flavors: the Solid Ricemilk Choco bar, the Ricemilk Choco bar with Almonds and the Ricemilk Choco bar with Dark Truffle Center.

In addition to being Certified Organic, all Terra Nostra Organic bars are Kosher Certified.

All the Ricemilk Choco bars are wheat free and gluten free.

Coming soon to your local Food Stores are our 1.5 ounce, or 42 gram, bars.  The snack size bars come in unique flavors such as Pomegranate Truffle, Goji Berry with Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt and Creamy Caramel.  If your store doesn't have it, you can request it!  Please see the FAQs page for a list of distributors that supply your retailer.

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